• Any other way to download videos to camera roll?


    Any other way to download videos to camera roll?

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    HELLO, my iTunes broken, it failed to connect to my iPhone. I’m tired with it, I want to download and transfer some favorite videos to my phone. Can you tell me any other ways to make it? Thank you!

    Any other way to download videos to camera roll?

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    Portable digital products are becoming more and more popular in daily life such as smart phone and tablet PC. We bring them anywhere we reach. It’s said that we are living in a digital word. Digital products walk into our life, no matter at home or in the office. We use them to solve the problems while working, to keep contract with friends, and to entertain ourselves.

    Watching video is a habit to kill the spare time for many people. And the digital players, like smart phones, really do the convenience. But we cannot connect to the Internet or Wi-Fi anywhere anytime, given this, the best bet would be able to save videos to camera roll. Many users may confuse on how to do that. No worry, a good solution to download videos to smart phones in two steps has been shared below. And iPhone is taken as the example.

    Step 1: Free download videos to camera roll on PC

    Sometimes you may don’t have a good network, so you’d better download videos on your computer and then transfer them to your phone. Here I would share you a free online service to download popular videos from the Internet, which is definitely clean and fast. The Video Grabber online can grab videos from lot of video sharing sites, such as YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Vevo and Metacafe. How to save videos to camera roll with it, the main steps are given below, and you may check it by yourself. Let’s take YouTube video as example.

    • Navigate to YouTube and find the video you want to download and copy the link address of the video.
    • Go to the page videograbber.net and paste the link address in the address box and click “Grab it”.
    • Select you desired format and quality.

    • Save the video on pointed folder.

    Tips: With Video Grabber, you can free download videos from the Internet. Besides, it allows you to grab MP3 file from a video source linkage and free convert a video file to other format.

    Till now, you have download videos to your computer, what next is to transfer them to your iPhone.

    A tutorial here is at your reference :

    Step 2: Quick transfer videos to camera roll

    1.Transfer videos to camera roll by iTunes

    For most Apple product users, they would first think about iTunes. Yes, it’s very widely used. Produced by Apple Company, it is well-known by iPhone users. Well, some people may complain that it’s a little complicated, because each time you connect to iTunes, you must log in your account and connect your computer with USB cable. If you forget your account or leave your cable somewhere, it would be troublesome. If there’s another application which is more convenient and easy-operated, then this one next is worth trying.

    2.iTunes alternative

    Besides iTunes, you can also try to use this phone manager to download videos to your camera roll. This phone manager has a user-friendly interface, very easily operated. Without installing any app on your iPhone, it can quickly scan your data and import and export your iPhone files. Follow the guides, you can achieve it fast.

    • Launch the program on your desktop.
    • Connect your iPhone to computer with cable line.
    • Open your camera roll folder.
    • Click to “Import” your videos to camera roll.

    By this iPhone assistant, you can easily manage your phone files, such as backup phone and restore data. It both supports iOS and Android system. If you face any trouble, you may navigate to the phone manager page.

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