• Any way to download YouTube caption?


    Any way to download YouTube caption?

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    Hello, my name is Jim, from Japan. Yesterday, I watched a good video on YouTube, but when I downloaded it to my pc, the caption is missing. Can anyone offer some solutions? Thank you in advance.

    Any way to download YouTube caption?

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    On YouTube, some videos are paired with caption which would help the video to spread wider and become more popular. When you are watching a subtitled video, light up the cc icon on bottom right corner, the default caption would appear on the video. If you want to load captions of other languages, such as Chinese, Arabic, and Latin and many others, you should go to “Settings”. However, the caption only works when you are watching the video on YouTube. If you downloaded the video to local disk, the caption would disappear, because these captions are loaded via YouTube player. In this way, if you want to save the video with caption,you need to download the caption and the video separately. After that, you simply merge them into one. Here I would share you the easy ways to download YouTube caption.

    How to download caption from YouTube

    YouTube Caption Downloader

    YouTube Caption Downloader is an addon for Firefox. Install this addon on Firefox and play the YouTube video via Firefox. On the screen, you would see a button “download caption” beneath embedded option, click it, and then you can save the caption as SRT file which is a widely accepted type for most video players, like VLC media player, GOMPlayer etc.


    KEEPSUBS is a free online application where you can download YouTube video caption. Here you just need to paste the video URL in the searching box and download it. SRT type caption would be captured. There are many captions for different languages. Click the one you need, it would be downloaded to your disc.

    After you download YouTube caption, you can plug it into the YouTube video while playing through a video player; many players would permit the insert of SRT file. But there may be occurrence of disordered caption, of flash subtitle, which could be irritated. Is there any way to solve the problem? Or, can we embed the caption into the video? Good questions then. There is powerful “machine” can do the job.

    Download YouTube videos with captions

    If you want to combine the caption with the video, there’s a suggestion of best software Video Download Capture. Download and install the software. After launch it, you will find “Convert” tab on the main interface, where you can edit your video including subtitle.

    Follow the guiding steps, it will amaze you.

    • Add your downloaded YouTube video, Click “Video Edit”.

    • Find the subtitle function and enable it.
    • Insert the caption in plug-in box.

    • Choose the right subtitle encoding which is to avoid disorder.


    Start the convert, and then you will get a video with your desired caption. If you want to further optimize the caption, for example, change the size, delay the floating time, set the Front, you should pay a special attention to the subtitle encoding, which is to promise the success of insert. Now, you can download YouTube caption and video accordingly.

    Tips for the software

    If you are searching a good downloader available to YouTube, Video Download Capture provides an easy and fast way. With simple operation, you just need to paste your YouTube video URL into the address bar, the videos would be downloaded in an instant. Also, you can download videos automatically by enabling the automatic video detector. Well, now, you can try it by yourself.

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