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    Downloading videos

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    Hi, I have been using Video Grabber for a few weeks and downloading clips from YouTube but I have only recently noticed yesterday after downloading about 3 videos, I then go to the section of “download” on video grabber and then “save target as” but for some reason when I right click on the download section no drop down menu appears at all.
    I have refreshed the page after this continuously happened, I then closed the program down and reopened it but couldn’t get anything to show when I right clicked on download still and also rebooted my computer but it still would continue. This only started happening yesterday and then when I used it again today, all went well until about the 4th video and now it’s happening again. Anyone else have this problem and if so, why is it doing this. Is it my computer or just a glitch with video grabber?

    Downloading videos


    I guess this problem may caused by your browser(IE or others), you can try a different browser like Firefox or Google chrome and check if it work for you.

    Solution 2: Click Download button direcly instead of right click on the download button.

    Hope it can help you! :D

    Downloading videos


    First, thanks so much for poinstg the consecration service. I appreciate your hard work in getting it to us in such a timely fashion. Second, there is a major problem with it. The action on the screen and the sound are not in sync. Sometimes there is as much as 30 to 45 seconds delay in the sound. Can this be fixed?Dale

    Downloading videos

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    Patram, thanks for your support. I’m here to answer your question. Did you mean that the video picture is not go well with sound? Then, I suggest you to check the original video, perhaps it has some problems itself. Based on our tests, the video downloaded by videograbber will copy the original one perfectly. In order to fix this problem, you can use videogrbber pro.

    Firstly: Download the video you want.
    Secondly: Click Record Screen tab, choice Record only audio.
    Thirdly: Play the online video again and begin to record audio in video.
    Fourthly: Click Convert tab, add downloaded video to it. Change sound property as No audio.
    Fifth: Click again to select Add audio, import you recorded audio into the video.

    All right, play the video again. The picture and sound will be in sync.

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