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    EpDrama, a nice place to enjoy Asian dramas

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    EpDrama provides the hottest dramas from Korean, Japan, HongKong, Singapore and other Asian countries. I also like watching variety shows and anime on this website. They are fully English subtitled and I can enjoy them well. If you are a drama addict, EpDrama won’t let you down.


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    Thanks for sharing. I can watch running man on this site freely, I really love the variety show. Who can offer me a way to download from epdrama?


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    On epdrama.com, you can find a special part for running man show. All the episodes are listed there by date, and it is easy for you to enjoy them. To answer your question, I’m going to explain the way to download epdrama video.

    First of all, you should choose a workable downloader. Majority of download programs have the ability to download from YouTube, Vimeo and etc. However, epdrama is not that famous and the videos are hard to download off. In this case, it is necessary to seek help from Video Download Capture. Install it on your computer, then it can download any online videos easily.

    It’s time to start the video download job. As you usual do, open epdrama.com and play your wanted video. No need to do any manual operation, the downloader will discover the playing video automatically. A small window pops up to remind you that the video has been added to download list. Afterwards, you can open more videos and save them. Video Download Capture supports batch video downloads. Also, you can watch epdrama video with the inlaid player while it is downloading.

    Done. Is it easy to download from epdrama, right?

    I found that epdrama always divide one episode into multiple parts, so I suggest you to manage them carefully. After downloading, you can join the parts into a full-length episode. To complete this job, Video Download Capture will give you a hand. Hit Convert tab, add videos into it by order. Tick Merge videos into one file to join videos together. After a while, the videos will turn into one file. The program also can facilitate you to convert epdrama videos to all popular formats like MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV and more.

    If you get any confusion, don’t hesitate to leave me a reply. :D

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