• Free apps to save YouTube videos


    Free apps to save YouTube videos

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    YouTube is the largest video-sharing site that attracts numerous viewers everyday. We will have thousands of options if we search “save YouTube videos free” in Google. These options include third-party apps, online video downloader and browser extensions. I pick up some feasible apps and share with you all.

    1. Videograbber. The site and forum give me much convenience. It is quite a wonderful place which provides me chances to save YouTube videos free online. It has some unique features, they are the reason why I like it so much. After entering the video url, it will generate several kinds of video quality for downloading. I noticed that it even adds a MP3 format, that’s a progress. Moreover, I can search YouTube videos on videograbber directly. Then, in one click, the video will be downloaded.

    2. ClipGrab. This is a desktop application, it works on both Windows and Mac operating system. The interface is clean and intuition, you are allowed to save YouTube videos via url. The app will give you a note when it detects the downloadable video, you need to copy the url and paste it to download area. Before downloading, you can regulate the settings to customize output format.

    3. VideoDownloadhelper. I guess that majority video lovers have installed this Firefox extension on their browsers. Both the strong point and weak point of it are obvious. The app is light and easy to handle, but it has a poor performance when the network speed is slow.

    4. FreeYouTube videos. Also a desktop application. It focuses on downloading videos and movies from YouTube. Operations are similar with common video downloaders. Sometimes it will produce unknown big sized files, it is better to check the folder and delete unnecessary items regularly.

    5. Keepvid. A famous site which is able to save YouTube videos free. No need to say much, you know how effective it is. However, I really don’t like the advertisements on the site. I often jump to strange places when click on the webpage carelessly.

    Free apps to save YouTube videos


    Thanks for sharing. To save YouTube videos, I prefer online video downloader rather than third-party applications. Videograbber and keepvid satisfied me a lot.

    Free apps to save YouTube videos

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    Vartan, welcome to video grabber forum. And thanks for writing such a good post. Your introduced tools are all works well in saving YouTube videos. I guess many people like web downloading service because it doesn’t require you to install extra application.

    I’m here to give you a tip. You can save YouTube videos in two ways on videograbber. The first way is to download video by copying and paste video url. It seems that the second way is seldom used. Actually, it is also very convenience. You can save YouTube video free by searching videos on videograbber. Under the download box, four tabs are list there. Click the last one Search Video to enter the search page. You can search desired YouTube videos by keywords. Related videos will come out, you can preview and download them on videograbber directly.

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