• Freemake not working


    Freemake not working

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    Here is the problem I am dealing with. I use Freemake to convert the videos for my DVD. When I playback my DVD, the images disappeared from time to time. Can anyone tell me where the problem lies?

    Freemake not working

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    Freemake Video Converter is an application mainly for converting videos to various formats. It can also be used as downloader to capture videos from many popular video viewing websites, such as YouTube, Metacafe, Hulu, etc. The layout of this downloader is simple and easy for neophytes to understand how to use it. There are a row of buttons labeled clearly on top or at the button of the window respectively. It supports converting the videos to AVI, MP4, FLV, WMV, etc. formats for various media players, such as mp4 player, Apple iPhone or iPod and mobile devices.

    However, it is also software with lots of problems. I have heard lots of complaints about Freemake converter issues. First, it is the slow converting speed. Although it won’t take a matter of seconds to download a video within 3 minutes, yet it will cost you more than an hour to convert videos of 15 minutes. Second, it is the low quality of the converted videos. There were times the video displays the warped image or there will be nothing showed except a black background.

    As for your Problems with Freemake, you could try updating your Freemake to the latest version or do a clean install of the latest version of Freemake. If nothing happens to it, I suggest you replace Freemake with some other converting applications. You could try Any Video Converter, DVDFab Video Converter, Total Video Converter and Video Download Capture.

    Alternatives to Freemake

    Video Download Capture is a software you could try. It is a all-in-one software that could download and convert videos at the same time. The converting speed is decent and the videos it converted are of high definition. It frees you of the worry to get the low-quality video just as you have the Stuttering videos from Freemake. It helps convert the videos into the formats, such as AVI, WMV, FLV, DVD, etc. for many potable video players including iPhone, Android and MP4. You could convert your videos instantly after you download them with Video Download Capture or convert the videos saved in your folder. Click Add to add the videos, select the formats you like your video converted to and click Start to convert your videos. The whole process is easy to follow.

    When you want a DVD creator, I suggest you use Apowersoft DVD Creator. It helps you to convert lots of video formats to DVD NTSC MPEG video or DVD PAL MPEG video and burn the files to DVD and create DVD movie.

    If you are in the same boat with me suffering from the puzzlement of Freemake converter not working, you could try the above mentioned solutions. If there are other better methods, it would be a great pleasure to share with you.

    Freemake not working

    David L

    I have XP OS computers that Freemake can not burn DVD correctly (it used to be OK in earler versions).
    But Freemake seems to be working fine in WIN 7 OS computers.

    I think Freemake version 4 is not XP compatible or not 32-bit compatible.

    Freemake not working

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    Freemake doesn’t work, you can use Tubemate instead of Devian Studio. See details at Tubemate.net or DevianStudio.net

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