• Giantbomb.com is a cool video game website


    Giantbomb.com is a cool video game website

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    There are some similar video game sites like GiantBomb, then why I hope to make a special recommendation? I feel GiantBomb has a different style from the like, it contributes the gaming wiki diligently. Reading the wiki, you will know a game better. Game reports are updated in time. The site won’t disappoint you.

    Except of sharing the site, I also wish that someone can offer my help. It’s about downloading videos. Some GiantBomb videos are hosted on YouTube and I can download them easily. Yet, some others are encoded. I’m confused about how to do, can you show me a better way to download GiantBomb videos? Thanks a lot.

    Giantbomb.com is a cool video game website

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    Hello, Greg. Nice sharing.

    In GiantBomb video part, you can watch interviews, game reviews and gameplay videos. If you are careful enough, you might know that there’s a place for live streams only. The videos can be played in at least three types, namely Progressive, Streaming and HTML5. If you don’t make any adjustment, the site will open the streaming video automatically. Also, you are allowed to use progressive when Internet speed is fast. But if you like HTML5, you should become the member and log in.

    No matter how you watch the videos, Video Download Capture will download giant bomb videos flawlessly. To reply your request, I’d like to explain the downloading steps in detail.

    1. After installation, launch the program.
    2. The video downloader is enabled by default, so you only need to customize the download folder. Hit Options button, then you will find the corresponding item.
    3. Play your favorite videos, Video Download Capture is able to add them to download queue one by one.

    A few minutes later, hit Open Folder button to enter into the local disk, the giantbomb videos are there. Now, you are free to watch them offline at your will. The software also supports to play videos and convert videos.

    You will be lead to another channel to enjoy GiantBomb live. The channel is settled down on Twitch.tv. Thus, you need an alternative way to download video from giant bomb. Luckily, still you can use the same tool. The record screen feature can give you a hand. Before recording the real-time video, you should set the record region. It is suggested to select custom area option, resize the window to your liking. Finally, hit OK to begin the video recording process.

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