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    Help!!! How to put music on youtube video?

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    I downloaded a video from youtube, and I wanna put music on youtube video. I knew it’s illegal to put copyrighted music on the video, so don’t worry, I am just for personal use. So is there anyone can give me a prompt? Thanks.



    I usually use Windows Live Movie Maker to add audio to a video, and it’s good at editing videos. So I advise you try it if you wanna put music on youtube video.


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    Indeed, Windows Live Movie Maker is a good program to edit video, it enables you to put music on youtube video. So I would like to give you the details on how to add audio to a video with this program.

    After launching the program, input your youtube video, choose the Options tab and click Music volume button to turn the sound off. Until now, adding your music to the video is your final step. You can play the video to check if there is any problem with it yet. If yes, go on editing your video. If no, click Save movie to save youtube video on your computer.

    Another one-stop way is more useful, that is making use of a program that combines video download and edit together. So you don’t have to turn to the second program to put music on youtube video. Among so many programs, Video Download Capture does the best.

    From the respect of downloading youtube video, this program is capable of downloading youtube automatically, this is for the reason that it grabs the real video URL when you play youtube video and add it to download. But the precondition is that the video must be played after you launch the program.

    Ok, the youtube video has been downloaded, now it comes to add music to the video with this program. As to the step to add audio to a video, it’s as simple as Windows Live Movie Maker. Just follow below steps.

    1. Choose the Convert tab
    2. Input your downloaded video
    3. Click the information near the speaker icon
    4. Choose No audio first and click Add audio to import your desired music
    5. Click Start button to save your edited video

    During this process, one more function is provided for you, that is converting the video format if you need. After all, you may wanna put the video on your portable device like iphone, ipad, android etc.

    Two tools are here for you, just choose one you prefer to.

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