• Help me convert videos to dvd format


    Help me convert videos to dvd format

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    I installed windows DVD maker and wanna make my videos into DVD, I have a bunch of flv videos, but find it is non-supported video format for DVD maker. Anyone knows how to convert video to dvd format, if possible, can you tell me how to create DVD with free windows DVD maker? i am just a newbie here, thanks.

    Help me convert videos to dvd format

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    Hello, a nice question here. Now I will walk you through the process of converting videos to dvd format. I have just mentioned that video grabber pro has capacity to convert videos into various formats, so why not try this app to convert flv into dvd format.

    Guide here: First launch the program, click Add under Convert tab and then add your videos for converting. After this, choose an appropriate format. You may do batch conversion at a time.

    As for creating a DVD with windows DVD Maker, it’s not that complicated. After you convert video to DVD, then take several steps below:

    1. Insert your blank DVD into DVD drive
    2. Tab Burn files to dis
    3. Choose video files for burning by hitting on Add items
    4. You may customize some settings including create DVD menu and arrange video playback order.
    5. When everything is ready, you should click Burn at the right bottom corner. Done

    To be frank, if you wanna make the process simplified, a professional DVD creator will give you a hand. Directly convert and burn videos to DVD. Even better, with this tool, a more delicate DVD will be made. Refer to this link for details: /video-to-dvd

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