• Help me play avi on Android Phone


    Help me play avi on Android Phone

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    I got a new Galaxy S III from my parents as a birthday gift. Some of my favorite avi videos are stored in my media library. And then I wanna play those avi videos on Android phone, but it tells me the avi is not supported by android phones. Is there any app out here to convert avi to Andorid? :?

    Help me play avi on Android Phone

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    Definitely, Android phone will offer wonderful user experience for playing avi especially the phone has a high-resolution screen. Instead of sitting still near computer, it’s possible to watch your favorite videos anywhere no matter on the way to work or on the home way. Just like what you said, a limited number of video formats are supported by android phone, so if you wanna resolve the problem, the absolute best way is using a video converter to convert avi to android format.

    You must be familiar with video grabber, but have you ever used its pro version? Video grabber pro is equipped with avi to android converter. Users are able to add local video files for converting.

    Easy steps to convert avi for android

    1. Connect your Samsung Galaxy S III to computer
    2. Download and install video grabber pro
    3. Choose Convert tab and click Add to load one or multiple videos
    4. Specify output profile for android (In the pop-up window, select one of the video quality for converting, the different resolution file will determine the converting time)
    5. Now start conversion process

    Okay, a few seconds later, the avi files can be converted to android supported video formats. The last step is to transfer videos to mobile phone. Now you can play avi on android phone. But this program comes with more converting features, which also supports converting videos to more devices like iPhone, iPad3, iPod touch, PSP etc. It won’t let you down.

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