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    How can I download part of a YouTube Video?

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    Yesterday, I came across a nice educational video on YouTube. I’m a teacher, so I hope to share this video with my students during the class. But I think the video is too long, what I need is some excellent parts. In a word, I want to download the specific parts of the video. Could you offer me a solution? Thanks.


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    Hello. Welcome to raise a question here.

    I provide two methods for you can make a choice.

    Method 1: (1) Download YouTube video with videograbber. I believe you know how to do, just copy and paste URL.
    (2) Use the video editor, like windows live movie maker, cut out you wanted portions of the video and merge them together. You can refer to this tutorial. /merge-video-files-into-one.html
    (3) Transfer the edited video to your USB storage or mobile hard disk drive.

    If you don’t have a video editor.
    Method 2: (1) Install the VideoGrabber pro on your PC. Like videograbber, it is very easy to handle and can be used to download multiple videos in the meantime.
    (2) Videograbber pro inlaid a screen recorder inside. So it saves you much time to download the entire video, you can record the certain video parts. It also can assist you to merge video clips.
    (3) Do as the step 3 of method 1.

    Good luck, PM me if you get any confusions.



    Nice solutions!
    I’m interested with videograbber pro, it can record videos, how?


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    Hello, cherry. After you run this app, you will see a Record Screen tab on the top of interface. Click it to do some settings, for example, you can set record region and audio source. About more information, you can refer to the below link. Follow the steps, I’m sure you will understand record online videos with videograbber pro.
    In this case, you can download part of YouTube videos and other videos.

    If you want to join videos together, hit Convert. Import videos into it and then tick Merge videos into one file option. Lastly, click Start button to start merging videos.

    All the things are easy. You may be feeling confused when reading what I said. The best way is to trying this app by yourself. Hope you can get your ideal result.



    Thanks. I’m willing to try method 2. It is not necessary to download the entire YouTube video. I can set the screen recorder to save my desired parts.

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