• How can I download Smosh video?

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    How can I download Smosh video?

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    I want to download a video from smosh.com, but the website doesn’t let me to do so. Who can give me some tips for downloading Smosh videos? Thanks.

    How can I download Smosh video?

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    I also like the videos that made by Smosh, they are so amazing. You can watch all the shows on smosh.com freely, but it doesn’t provide you the download link. To download Smosh videos, you can give video grabber pro a try.

    Now, follow the steps below.
    1. Install and launch the tool on your computer.
    2. Enable the video recorder and activate the Advanced Video Recorder.
    3. Find the video which you want to download on smosh.com, copy the video link address and bring it to built-in browser.
    4. Click the Go icon to load the video. Instantly, video grabber pro will auto-detect and download Smosh video for you.
    5. You can pause, rename and play the video while it is downloading.

    Here is the related video tutorial.

    In the download list, you can check the progress of video download. The tool also allows you to download two or more videos at the same time. After downloading, you can easily find the video in the destination folder.

    I really understand that a lot of people don’t want to install the program. If you are one of them, just try to record videos online. Videograbber.net newly added record screen function, it gives you the chance to record any activities which happened on the desktop.

    On the homepage of videograbber, click the Screen Recorder tab. Hit the start button, and then the application will show up. Set the output folder and record region at your will, start recording now. You can apply the hotkeys to pause and stop at any time. The online screen recorder also can help you take screenshots. With this method, you can download Smosh video free without software. The only limitation is, you only can record three minutes at a time. In order to record a long duration video, you should take some time and effort.

    Okay, it’s your choice, just take the way that you like.

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