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    How can I download videos for my PSP?

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    I know how to download online videos on my PC. But the question is: what’s the method of downloading videos for PSP. I really need an easy solution. Can anyone show me how to do it? Thank you in advance.



    Anyhow, it’s not that tough, as you have downloaded videos on your PC, why not convert videos into a format that is compatible with sony PSP. i see, mp4 is the standard supported format. After conversion, just plugin your device with computer and then send your videos. Done. You may google some free tools to accomplish the job like zamar or directly use video grabber pro. Your choice.


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    Ok, I come here to tell you the simplest way. For downloading videos to PSP, the key point is to select a right tool. With videograbber, you can do this job with great ease. All you need to do is copying the webpage url when you watch an online video, and bring it to the download box on videograbber. Hit the grab button to activate the online video downloader. If you are a new user of videograbber, you will be required to enable java. Don’t worry, run it and tick trust this app. Later on, you can download videos smoothly. The video will be detected at once, several download links are provided. At the same time, file information are showed beside each links. Choose MP4 format, right-click on download button and choose a target folder to start downloading.

    In most conditions, videograbber offers several video quality and format options for downloading. When it doesn’t give a MP4 format, you can try videograbber pro. In the forum, we have many posts about how to convert videos with this app. You can search them and refer to these posts. Or, as Cindy said, you can find a suitable converter in Google.



    Thanks, I downloaded game trailers and walkthroughs with videograbber. After converting them to MP4 format, I can watch them on PSP now.

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