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    How can I edit audio within a downloaded video?

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    I used video grabber to download an flv video from YouTube, but the video doesn’t synchronize with audio. I find the sound is 20 seconds ahead of video content, how can I fix this problem and convert flv to the new iPad? Dumb software is not welcomed here.


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    Perhaps some of users have exactly the same issues, how can you make the video and audio sync in a right way? That’s to say, how you can edit audio track in a downloaded video. Plus, as you said, downloading video with audio will be quite easy with web-based services video grabber. But if are involved in the situation above, you had better mute the audio from video and then add the single audio file over video. That’s all you need to do. The key is what tools or apps to get things done.

    You are advised to try video grabber pro for its simple video editing and converting features really matters. After installation, select your downloaded youtube videos for converting, choose “mp3” as your output format. Tab “start” to do conversion job. A few seconds later, you save video as audio file successfully. Afterwards, add the original downloaded video file again, hit “no audio” to mute the file. Then add the previous converted mp3 file over video by clicking “add audio”. The last step is to convert video to mp4 for your new iPad.

    Alternatively, VLC media player can adjust the problem of out of sync. Go to preferences, choose to enable audio such as audio output volume or frequency etc, and then synchronise the audio in a video being played. It’s a free way to do so, but bit hard to operate.



    Use VirtualDub or Media Player Classic, they can fix audio sync problem well.

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