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    How can I put Olympic videos on my iPhone?

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    These days I was so obsessed with Olympic Games, and I wish I have enough time to watch it in front of the TV. But I can’t, so I’m wondering if there is any way to download Olympic videos on my iPhone. Once I get leisure, I can watch it any time, any place. If you know the way, please help me!


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    This year’s Olympic Games is indeed splendid, for me, I like watching shooting and swimming. I’d like to share the way of how to put Olympic videos to your iPhone as it’s a great event that can’t be missed.

    For achieving your purpose, you should figure out what is your first step. Of course, downloading Olympic videos on your computer comes first. You can find related videos on Olympic Games from YouTube, NBC, Foxsports, ESPN, Google.Video, Yahoo! Sports and so on.

    When you plan to download Olympic videos from above video sharing sites, two situations you ought to distinguish. Firstly, if you download Olympic videos from common websites like YouTube, Foxsports and Google.video, Video Grabber is your best choice as it’s a free online video downloader.

    Secondly, if you download videos from special websites protected by RTMP protcocols, like Yahoo! Sports, ESPN and NBC, Video Grabber Pro is better as it provides Advanced Video Recorder to help you download RTMP videos.

    According to above two different situations, I’d like to discuss the steps to download Olympic videos respectively.

    Start from common video sharing websites, Video Grabber can be used for downloading Olympics videos from YouTube and Google.Video. Just copying and pasting the video URL in the search area, then a list of quality selections are provided to you, like 1080P, 720P, 480P etc. Choose the suitable quality and right-click to save the video in your file.

    It can be regarded as the simplest way to download videos on your computer as it doesn’t have to install any programs or plug-ins. In general, the downloaded video is flv format, which is against your iPhone format. But don’t worry, Online Converter can deal with this as it’s a free online converter. Just google it.

    As to those special websites that protected by RTMP, no one online video downloader can do this. You must depend on a program to download RTMP videos, here Video Grabber Pro comes in handy, which is the professional version of Video Grabber.

    This program combines download video, convert format and record screen all-in-one. But talking about the process to download RTMP Olympic videos, you can refer to the following steps.

    1. Download, install and launch the program
    2. Choose Advanced Video Recorder and an embedded window pops up
    3. Copy and paste the video URL and click Go
    4. Auto-detect the video URL and download

    Once downloading is completed, converting video to the right format is the next thing you do. At last, put your Olympic videos on your iPhone. There is one special situation that you are unable to use Advanced Video Recorder to download RTMP videos, that is, live streaming video.

    In case that you confront this problem, it’s ok. This program has the ability to settle it down, too. The option Record Screen is specialized in recording everything on your computer.

    As long as you do this step by step, putting Olympic videos on your iPhone is not a big deal. Now, take your chance, and join in the Olympic team.


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    you can also try “Torch”.. it’s a kind of browser based on Google Chrome, with an option to download the videos you are currenylu watching.. works for me :)



    I prefer to Video Grab Pro, it’s one-stop way to download and convert video. But what if I wanna put these Olympic videos on DVD so that I can save them for watching in the future? What am I supposed to do?


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    Thank you for your support to our program. It’s normal that you may have such a thought, but the program only supports you to convert video format to DVD, it can’t burn your Olympic videos to DVD directly. Therefore, you need a professional DVD burner.

    If you wanna a free program to put your Olympic videos on DVD, you can install a Windows DVD burner, which aims at burning videos into DVD. However, if you don’t mind buying a program, you can try Video to DVD burner, which is a more powerful program to burn a Olympic video to DVD. You are allowed to take a free trial before you purchase the software.

    Once you install the Video to DVD burner, you are able to put Olympic videos on DVD without converting the video format to DVD first. No matter which program you choose, it always assists you putting video on DVD.

    Welcome to consult us if you have any problem on video.

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