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    How can I record videos and movies from Netflix?

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    I’d like to know with which software I can record videos from Netflix and convert them into different formats for other devices. For all of you that think this is illegal: It’s not. :idea: :!:
    I found many sources that say it is legal for private use… and this is exactly what I want to do with it: Use it for my own.

    So please just recommendations of good software programs and no smart-arse wisdom towards legality.
    Thanks! :mrgreen:


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    Hello guest,

    Thanks for asking question here, first of all, I want to make it clear that Netflix has adopted security measure to encrypt their video content. That is to say, the common video downloading tool cannot grab the protected video content. If you want to record movies from Netflix, the suggested way is to record what you see on your screen. Video Grabber features screen recording software, there are several recording modes that you can apply, including customized area, full screen and more. The video will be recorded as WMV by default.

    If you want to record movies at a preset time, you can create schedule tasks at will. The professional screen recording recorder will do the trick easily.

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