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    How can i rename a video file while downloading?

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    I use video grabber pro version to do batch downloading, but found those downloaded videos are displayed by its date, no specific name distinguished. Just wondering if there’s a way to add my wanted name over the downloaded video file so that I make some of sorts clearly?


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    Hi, Catherine

    Note here, when you directly paste the link into address bar for downloading, the relevant video file will have its name, but when its video recorder automatically detects the video file, you find the video is grouped by date. The two modes will result in different results. Definitely, it’s a bit troublesome.

    Actually the “Rename” function is added in the download list in the latest version of this app, considering that you gonna mess those videos up after downloading, so the newly-added feature gives you conveniences, easily rename your video files while downloading. If you forgot which video is being downloaded, right-click to play a video file and then rename it. See the screenshots below.



    Thanks, anyway :P



    Wow, such a cool feature. I’ve never used it before. When I do batch downloading, it is necessary to rename the videos. In this case, I can recognize them clearly.

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