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    How can I resume video download when it is being interrupted

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    My broadband connection is rather unstable, and my online video download process always being interrupted. I really feel irritating every time when this annoying situation appears. Recently, I heard that some video download tools feature pause and resume downloads function. Can you show me the good ones. Thank you.



    Hello, you can do it by changing setting in your browser. ;)


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    Thanks for your valuable question, I see lots of people have the same problem as you. In my view, a feasible video downloader is indispensable if you always downloading videos online. Here I recommend videograbber pro, you can pause and resume video download at any time when you use it.

    The tool attaches many functions which let users to download online videos easily. Two ways help you download online videos. Firstly, videograbber pro will download videos automatically while video playing. Secondly, copy the video URL into the downloader’s address bar, advanced video recorder will download online videos for you. As you mentioned, your Internet connection interruption caused downloads failure. With videograbber pro, you should right-click the downloaded video file. The function list will pop up, select Start to resume download. If the slow Internet speed affects your normal computer operations, just click Pause to stop video download for a while. I have referred to this function in the former post simply, you can have a look. /forums/topic/how-to-download-full-length-video-from-youtube.html

    Tips: While downloading, you also can watch the downloaded video and rename it. After downloading, just click Add to Convert to convert the video for your media player and portable devices. By the way, other video downloaders like Streaming Video Recorder and Internet Download Manager also have resume download capacity.

    Or, you can resume video download in the browser like Niven said above. For example, you download a YouTube video with videograbber in Google Chrome. But the download disturbed because of bad broadband connection. Here, just press Ctrl and J key together or click setting icon to choose Downloads, you will see the video download page. Hit on Resume, the video download task will start again.

    To make your video downloads smooth, I suggest you use the resume function in videograbber pro. The reason is, when you resume download in the browser, the video sometimes begin to download from beginning again. Especially when the download work has being interrupted for a long time. Yet, videograbber can help you keep the downloaded data and continue to download although you restart the PC

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