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    How do I convert MKV to MP4 with subtitles?

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    I need a converter that can allow me to edit the subtitle, because I have a bunch of MKV videos to be converted into MP4, and the video filename is disordered. I wanna rename them so that I can distinguish easily. Hope someone can answer me, thanks in advance.


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    I know the way to dispose of your trouble, you can try it. You can convert many video formats with the help of Streaming Video Recorder, a useful program for such problem.

    But first of all, you should install it on your computer. Then I will divide the steps into two parts so that you can be better to manage it.

    Part I Edit the subtitle

    1. Run the program
    2. Choose Convert and click Add to input videos
    3. Click Video Edit and a window pops up
    4. Choose Subtitle and tick the Enable Subtitle option
    5. Options became bright, you can start to edit your subtitle
    6. After editing, click OK to save your changes

    Part II Convert video formats

    1. Click Profile to select the output video formats
    2. Click Start to convert

    When the conversion is completed, you will get a message to remind you. If you do have a bunch of MKV videos, you can convert them to MP4 in batch with this program. It will save a lot of your time.

    In addition, you are capable of downloading videos in batch from many video-sharing sites like youtube, metacafe, spike, blip, vimeo etc. And the function of Record Screen can benefit you to record some simple live streaming video. It assembles download, record and convert videos all-in-one, so it’s very convenient to us to do these stuff.

    Do these by yourself, you would know it can’t be easier.



    Thank you for your detailed description. According to your method, I succeed to convert mkv videos to mp4 with subtitles.


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    Thanks for your solution

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