• Christina

    how do I download youtube videos with it?

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    I bought the soft, Streaming Video Recorder several days ago, now I have some problems with it. I’m not sure how to use it to download youtube videos. Ask for help, thank you.


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    Thank you for buying our product. It’s my pleasure to show you how to use it to download youtube video. It’s very easy, you will accept it soon. Follow my steps:

    1. Launch the program
    2. Open youtube and play video you like

    All you need to do is just two steps, next the app will automatically detect the video URL and add it to the download task. You can play it with its built-in player while you are waiting in the front of computer. After downloading, you can convert format as long as you need, such as avi, mp4, wmv, flv etc.



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    Thanks, Maisie.
    We’re keep working hard to improve our site, forum and products.
    If you have any problems or advices, please post here. :D


    thomas sophia

    I can’t download on YouTube why


    thomas sophia

    how do I download Youtube video with it

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