• How do you download video from myvidster?


    How do you download video from myvidster?

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    Most myvidster videos don’t provide download option, and I don’t know how to download them off. After logging in, I only can download some videos on myvidster. Now I’m searching for a better way to download myvidster video.

    How do you download video from myvidster?


    I have the same problem with you, I can’t download videos from myvidster with normal apps.

    How do you download video from myvidster?

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    Myvidster is a site where you can watch videos freely. After becoming a registered member, you can enjoy more benefits. The most attractive point is the social video bookmarking service, with it, you are allowed to collect and share videos among all of the users. After logging in, you can download myvidster video easily when it attaches a download button under the video. But in most conditions, the site doesn’t give you any download link. Therefore, a reasonable idea is to seek help from a video downloader—Video Download Capture.

    With several steps, you can download videos from myvidster smoothly. Install Video Download Capture and run it immediately, enable the video recorder. Before you download video, do some settings under Options. Go and play your wanted video on myvidster, the video downloader will detect and save it to your computer. When the video download process ends, click Open Folder button and check video in destination folder. Or, just click Play to watch the video with built-in media player.

    Video Download Capture also embed an rtmp video downloader inside, you can use it to download protected rtmp videos. A part of myvidster videos are collect from sites like CNN, BBC, MTV and Crunchyroll etc. These videos are streamed by rtmp protocol, and you should use another approach to download them off. Click button, type video url into address bar and press Enter key. The video will load in the built-in browser and capture by the video downloader in a moment.

    For your information, i made a simple video tutorial.

    To here, I offered two solutions to download myvidster videos. Hope you video download job goes well. If you meet any troubles, ask me in the post.

    How do you download video from myvidster?


    windows smartscreenprevented unrecognized application. it cannot install due to the protection.. it stated that my computer may at risk if i run the downloader.. is their another alternative way to download from myvister?

    How do you download video from myvidster?

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    Hello daniel,
    you can try Video Download Capture as the olive introduced above. If you just want to record the screen to download video from myvister, Free online recorder is a good solution to download from myvist.
    For more information, you can check the post below:

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