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    How subtitle my video file

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    I download a flash video from YouTube with video grabber pro, but found it was in a foreign language so that i cannot readily enjoy it, i need to add external subs into the movie, I am not against downloading software if possible, but it will have to be compatible with my windows 7 operating system.



    Hey, you may check out windows live movie maker which can be installed on any windows operating system and supports to overlay text on your selected video.


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    Windows live movie maker is one of the feel tools to add subtitles to a video, but may have poor performance in subtitling. Firstly, it is hard to control where to put the subs. Secondly, you cannot determine how long the subs should stay. Importantly, the created subtitles are not supported for burning to DVDs. In this way, you need a professional program to subtitle your video.

    I bet you must be a newbie for video grabber pro cuz this program includes Subtitle Function. Let me give you some tricks. I just want to confirm what format is your downloaded video. If it were flv file extension, my suggestion is to convert video to avi and then add sutitle to avi file. AVI would be one of the best movie formats.

    Guides here: Right-click the downloaded video file and tab Add to convert, then choose avi as output profile, click Start to convert video to avi first. After this, click Video Edit to start subtitling your avi file. Go to Subtitle function, enable it and plug in the .srt file extension you download from the internet. Notably, srt and aas file can be readable by video grabber pro. You may also change the Font, Size and Position of subtitles.

    That’s about how to add subtitle to avi with video grabber pro, it is exactly the same you subtitle mp4 or other video formats. Besides using this app, some free programs can be worthy of recommendations like VLC media player and VirtualDub. You must be familiar with the former one, so we just refer to the latter one. VirtualDub is a kind of free video editor that supports the ability to subtitle avi file, but you need to install extral video codec like Xvid. More details, just refer to its official site.



    I have videograbber pro, followed your tips and it goes well.
    But the result is not perfect.
    The subtitles in video are appeared as disordered codes, why?


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    Ginevra, you’d better to do some settings in order to subtitle the video files without mistake. After you plug external subtitle file into the video, you will set character size, position and etc. But the most important is that you should set Subtitle encoding. If the subtitle which you desire to add is in English, you should choose corresponding encode as United Kingdom, euro symbol. In this way, the subtitle will show as normal words and sentences. You said the subtitles are in disordered characters, probably you haven’t set encode or set a wrong encode. Subtitle your video file again with the suitable encodes, I believe everything will go fluently.

    Please notice that no matter what tool you use to subtitle the videos. The indispensable step is to choose a right encode.

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