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    How to add avi movie to iTunes library?

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    I downloaded a movie from the Internet, it is an avi file. I want to watch it with my iPhone, but I understand this type of file cannot be imported into iTunes. Can you recommend me a good converter that can convert avi to iTunes format with satisfying speed?



    You use Windows or Mac system? Tell me, then I will recommend a suitable tool for you. :)



    Abby, I want to import avi to iTunes on Mac. How about your suggestion?



    I think HandBrake is the top choice, it is capable of converting videos between different formats. All you need to do is convert avi movie to mp4, then add it to iTunes. This task is a cinch to HandBrake. The salient advantage of HandBrake is, the tool won’t degrade the quality of converted videos. It comes with edit feature, you can shorten, denoise, add effect to video if necessary.


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    Thanks for offering a good solution, Abby. I’m here to make some supplement and show more ways to import avi file to iTunes. As we all know, avi is one of the regularly used video format, especially for encode movies. Why? The file is good at keeping the fidelity of high resolution videos and it can nearly be opened with any player. However, iTunes only can accept MP4, MOV and M4V. Thus, you should process the conversion task before sending avi movie to iTunes.

    No matter you use which kind of operating system, the Video Grabber online converter works on it with no hassle. It’s totally free and safe to use. The only requirement is install and enable Java applet on your computer. Press Convert Video File, search your local file and load the avi movie. Specify the format for converting, MP4 or MOV, decide it by yourself. And I suggest you to adjust the video resolution, for example, Apple iPhone size. Next, you can start video converting process. Now, just add avi movie to iTunes immediately. I think the online app will be welcomed by people that tried of downloading software.

    While, if you hope to get more advanced functions, you can try HandBrake and the like. When using the HandBrake, you can preset the output format according to your need. (You should select iPhone&iPod touch item.)After that, drag the avi video to this program and convert it without delay. The file will be converted to the format which optimized for iPhone playback. It’s another effective way to assist you to transfer avi to iTunes. Besides, Mpeg Streamclip, Prism converter, iSquint and etc can finish the same job, give them a whirl if you have interest.

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