• How to avoid installing Savevid browser plugin?


    How to avoid installing Savevid browser plugin?

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    What a weird thing! This morning, I happened to have a video downloading task to finish, so I entered Savevid homepage to paste the video URL just as I did before. You know what, the website says that Savevid Browser Plugin Required and I should upgrade to Torch. I am wondering if it is a virus plugin, so I stopped. Is there anyone who has faced with the same problem? Should I upgrade to Torch. If not, how could I avoid installing Savevid browser plugin?

    How to avoid installing Savevid browser plugin?


    When I caught in this same situation, I doubted that there must be some problems with Google Chrome. So I tried it on Firefox and Internet Explorer, but no luck either. And later I finally figured out that it is Savevid that has made some changes to its workable browser. At present you can download videos and audios only if you are a torch browser user. Therefore, you have to install the plugin if you want to download videos or audios with Savevid.

    However, Installing Savidvid browser torch is a problematic process. My own experience stands as a real example. The time when I click on Download, my computer manager reminds me that it had detected an unknown threat. And I realized I was directed into another infectious site unexpectedly, and then I promptly close the webpage. But there is still a window constantly popping up at the lower right corner reminding me that an unknown threat has been detected. It nearly drove me insane. It took a long time to have this problem finally solved.

    Installing Savevid plugin may have other potential risks:

    1, it is likely to change the default settings of your always-using browsers: Chrome or Firefox, and It may bring you some unexpected inconveniences in the future.

    2, Installation of Savevid browser plugin will consume you a large part of Computer Memory and slow down your browsing speed.

    3, There will be unwanted ads constantly popping up to interrupt your browsing.

    How to avoid installing Savevid browser plugin?


    In that case, do you have other application to suggest? An online-bade application could be better for I don’t want to bother with software installation.

    How to avoid installing Savevid browser plugin?

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    If you are having a hard time in finding a desirable alternative, you could try Video Grabber. It is an online downloading application which is quite similar to Savevid. All this website need is a Java Applet. Copy and paste the video URL, you could easily grab your wanted video. Most important of all, it doesn’t require any browser plugin and works well with many browsers: Chrome. Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. You could grab videos from many popular video sharing website.

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