• How to convert video without losing quality?


    How to convert video without losing quality?

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    I tried to convert videos to a different format using kinds of programs. The output videos usually looked fuzzy and have a rough edge. Is there any tool that can help me convert video without quality loses? Hope someone can reply me, thanks in advance.

    How to convert video without losing quality?


    I remember that there’s one called HD video converter. But I haven’t tried it.

    How to convert video without losing quality?

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    Hey, Petter. Before answering your question, I should let you know that it is impossible to convert videos without losing quality. When you convert one format to another, the video file will be processed and compressed. Thus, the quality of video loses. In this case, I will try my best to tell you how to reduce the quality loses while converting videos.

    I understand that it is necessary to take some conversion jobs, especially when the player doesn’t support the current video formats. When you convert a HD video, it’s an annoying thing if the video distorted after conversion. To convert video without losing quality, you’d better learn some knowledge about video format.

    Among all of formats, there exist lossy and lossless formats. That is to say, you should choose target format as lossless format if possible. For example, the video will lose some quality if you convert it to AVI because AVI is a lossy format. 3GP has low quality and resolution by default, so that’s not an ideal format. If you don’t mind the converted video get a larger size, I support for MP4 and WMV.

    It’s time to select a practical video converter now, the one I like is Video Download Capture. Let’s see how it works.

    After installation, run it on your desktop. Tab Convert to activate the video converter. Drop the video files to it and click Profile bar, decide what format you want to convert to. As I just introduced, we can choose a format like MP4. All right, hit to MP4—Same as source. Customize output folder as you like and begin converting. This video converter is good at keeping video quality, the quality won’t be degraded after converting.

    Tips: The program can convert multiple videos simultaneously, don’t forget to use this feature.

    Of course, there are various ways of converting video without losing quality. Try good converters like Format Factory, HandBrake and etc.

    How to convert video without losing quality?


    MP4 and WMV are compatible with most portable devices and media players.
    Among all the converters, my favorite is Format Factory.
    It helps me to convert video files between different formats. Great tool.

    How to convert video without losing quality?


    When you convert videos with Video Download Capture. Select target format and then click settings button to adjust Frame rate and Bitrate. This step will do benefit to keep video quality while converting.

    How to convert video without losing quality?


    For converting videos like if you want to convert your AVI files to MP4 files, and then AVI to MP4 converter is the best software converter that helps you to convert your videos without losing quality of the video files. It helps you to convert your video files to MP4 that can be played in any popular portable device such as MP4, PSP, iPod Touch, Zune, Mobile phone, iPod, PS3, iPhone, Apple TV.

    How to convert video without losing quality?

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    When u want to reduce the size of a video file, be certain that the bitrate together with d resolution or and frame rate must be reduced. To be precise there is a formula dat does d wonder, ad me on facebook for more info, nnadi kings

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