• How to convert videos into HTML5 format?


    How to convert videos into HTML5 format?

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    Guys, here is my problem: my mp4 video works great in all browsers except HTML Capable Browser. The site I use is wordpress.org, I am unfamiliar with HTML5, so can someone tell me how to convert videos into HTML5 format? The more details, the better. Thanks!

    How to convert videos into HTML5 format?

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    No matter what your problem is, there always has a solution. In order to convert videos into HTML5 format, you are necessary to utilize a program to finish the process. What’s next you should do is finding a feasible program.

    Here, I prepare one for you. Streaming Video Recorder is a toolkit to convert various video formats, including HTML5. If you decide to use this program to convert videos to HTML5 formats, you will go through the following steps.

    1. Install Streaming Video Recorder on your computer
    2. Open the interface and choose the Convert option
    3. Click Add to import your converted videos
    4. Choose HTML5 and the quality from the Profile option
    5. Click Start button to start convert

    You just do the five steps, and then you can readily solve your problem. One obvious advantage is the program can convert videos in batch. It will save your much time, how thoughtful it is!

    Of course, this program is no more than convert video formats. It can also be used to download videos in batch and record screen for live videos. You can combine these functions together and make any videos you like.

    How to convert videos into HTML5 format?


    I have looked for the solution to convert videos into html5 for a long time, it’s happened to find this answer on your website. Thank you for your details. It’s really a good program, I support it.

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