• How to convert YouTube to mp3 for iPhone


    How to convert YouTube to mp3 for iPhone

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    Recently, I have just got a new iPhone from my parents. I want to download YouTube mp3 to it but I am not tech adept. I have searched the Internet for lots of referenced methods but now I feel more confused. Is there anyone who could help me out? Many thanks!

    How to convert YouTube to mp3 for iPhone

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    Hello, I was a green hand in this aspect just like you, but now I feel quite at ease to enjoy YouTube mp3 download for iPhone.

    It was, we could say, a pioneering work for Apple Inc. to design and market iPhone six years ago. Along with the advancement of technology, iPhone has been updated generation after generation. The result is the realization of the nearly-perfected function of it which could satisfy various needs of the users. The most recent sixth-generation, iPhone 5, featured a package of applications that make it possible for the users to send and receive texts, play music, take photos, browse the web, etc.

    When it comes to music, iPhone is a perfect player for its acoustic fidelity. As an addict in YouTube music, I made various attempts to download music to iPhone in different ways. As we know, YouTube is a video-sharing site with a multitude of music videos. But we could grab the mp3 file for our iPhone as long as we have an iPhone YouTube mp3 downloader. Downloading YouTube mp3 includes two steps, one is conversion, and the other is transferring.

    Step 1: Find a software to finish conversion

    You could try the following software: YouTube MP3 downloader, YouTube to Mp3, Freemake and Video Grabber. Different from the other three downloaders, Video Grabber is an online application.No add-ons and installation, it is more stable software. Find the YouTube video you want to convert and copy its URL, then enter the webpage of Video Grabber, select Video to Mp3 and paste the URL in the URL bar. At last, click on Grab It and the conversion could be finished at accelerated speed. It is a good YouTube video to mp3 converter for iPhone. After you have finished converting, save the mp3 file in a folder. And it is the first step finished to download YouTube mp3 for iPhone.

    Step 2: Transfer the mp3 file via iTunes

    After you convert YouTube to mp3 for iPhone, follow directions below step by step.

    1, Install iTunes in your computer and plug iPhone into your computer.
    2, Run iTunes application and this application will show in your phone, which signifies that you have successfully connected.
    3, Open ITunes and click on File at the top of the window, chose Add File to Library or Add Folder to Library if you want to add more than one song saved in one folder.
    4, After you click one of the buttons, Add to Library will pop up to indicate you to choose the file you want to transfer. Then you can choose your saved file you want to transfer.
    5, Place your file in the music folder in the iTunes and click on it under Library heading, then there will be the indication whether you want to synchronize, Choose Ok and your job is done.

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