• How to convert YouTube videos to WMV?


    How to convert YouTube videos to WMV?

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    Every time I need YouTube videos in WMV I feel crazy because I don’t know how to convert them to WMV. Any suggestions?

    How to convert YouTube videos to WMV?

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    YouTube, as the biggest video sharing website around the world, provides users with abundant videos. However, sometimes you cannot download videos of desired formats, such as WMV. We all know that under the same quality, videos of WMV have the smallest size, which can reduce storage space significantly. Thus, some people may think of a YouTube to WMV converter to get this format they want. Actually, besides small size, WMV has other advantages. For example, it is compatible with most of digital devices and supported by many frequently used software, such as Movie Maker and PowerPoint. So, sometimes, WMV videos can save a lot of trouble. Now, this article will acquaint you with different ways to achieve that.

    Method one:

    Online Converter

    At first, an online converter will be recommended, called Video Grabber. Although it is mainly used to download videos from more than 1000 video sites, its converting function is also satisfying. Therefore, you are able to convert YouTube to WMV online without paying anything. But in order to convert videos, you need to download videos firstly. Following are converting steps.

    1.Download the video.

    • Visit /. Copy and paste YouTube video’s link.Tap on “Grab it”. Then a window will pop up to get your permission to launch java, you should click run to allow it.
    • Choose an output format. After the permission, various output formats, exclusive of WMV, will appear. You can select a video format at random. But MP4 is recommended because it is the most commonly used format.
    • Click “Download” button near the format you choose. Then a new window will direct you to save the video in a specified folder.

    2.Convert the video.

    • Give a hit to “Convert Video” tag and click “Browse” on its interface.
    • Select the video you want to convert and click “Open”.
    • Check “WMV” under output settings. Then tap on “Convert”.
    • Choose a folder where you want to save the converted video and click “Save”.

    You can see this demo to have a clear picture of the converting process.


    • If you want to convert several videos synchronously, in the second steps, you can click the orange icon on the right side of“Browse” to add link bars.

    • It can also be used to trim and crop the video. There is Advanced Settings which enables you to edit videos over “Convert” button.
    • In Mac OS, this free YouTube to WMV converter also works well.

    Method two:

    Video Download Capture for Windows

    Now it’s a more professional software—— Video Download Capture. Although online app does offer users much convenience, it is not as powerful as desktop version. If you have higher demands on converting, the latter is the better choice. To be more detailed, it can download videos in batch, which is quite time-saving, and convert videos faster and more smoothly, compared with online converter. And you can merge videos into one file. Moreover, it furnishes users with more delicate editing function. You are able to add effects and subtitle to videos besides trim and crop.

    1. Download the video you want to convert. Like that online converter, before you convert YouTube video to WMV, you should download it. When you play the video, it can be downloaded automatically by this program.
    2. Add to convert. After downloading process completes, right-click video and select “Add to Convert”. Then set output format—— WMV, resolution and folder.
    3. Click “Start”. Then converting begins.

    Apowersoft Video Downloader for Mac

    Want to convert YouTube to WMV on Mac OS? Here is the software works for Mac which contains both downloading and converting function.

    1. Download YouTube video before converting. Click YouTube site on the interface of “Detector”, find the video you want and tap on that video. After it is played, it will be downloaded in few seconds.

    2. Convert the video. Under the interface of “Downloader”, right-click the downloaded video and choose “Convert”. As for rest steps, they are the same as Video Download Capture.

    Whether the converter is online or desktop version, each one has its own merits. You can choose the more suitable one according to occasion.

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