• How to download Aol videos?


    How to download Aol videos?

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    Do you know any app which can download video from Aol successfully? I have no idea about how to complete this task. Is it possible? Well, what’s your advice?

    How to download Aol videos?

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    Aol.com is a comprehensive web platform which known as America online in the old days. Now, Aol also has its sites in UK and Canada. The site focuses on providing the breaking news, entertainment, lifestyle, sports contents in the global. In AOL On section, you can find a large number of video clips. Assuming that you desire to download Aol videos, a workable utility is indispensable.

    Among various kinds of video downloader, I choose Video Download Capture for its high-efficiency and energy saving. Read the instructions about how to use this tool.

    1. Search the software in Google, download and install it.
    2. After running this program, click Options button to make some settings. For example, you can choose the output folder and filter the ads.
    3. Open some videos on aol.com, activate the video detector.
    4. Video Download Capture has the ability to conduct batch video downloads. You will notice that the videos will be added to download successively.

    That’s all you need to do, the Aol video downloader is so smart. In the download list, you can check the process of aol video download. When you right-click on the file, the menu pops up. Then, you are allowed to resume video download, rename video name, enter output folder and etc.

    Apart from downloading Aol video, the software also gives the power to download videos from all popular video-sharing community like YouTube, Facebook and more. However, to download videos which streamed through rtmp protocol, you should try another way. That is, make use of the inlaid advanced video downloader. Put video URL to address box, load the video to auto-capture it. In this case, you can simply save any videos from Yahoo screen, Hulu, CBS and etc.

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