• How to download from zeetamizh.com??


    How to download from zeetamizh.com??

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    I have found a cool site to watch Indian videos and I’d like to share with you :D ── Zee Tamizh.com which provides daily soaps, reality talk shows, game shows, comedy, travelogues, cookery shows, devotional content, music and dance reality shows, films, events and many more. In a word, it does enrich my spare time. But, to be honest, I have only one problem with it: I don’t know how to download videos from it :cry: . So, actually, I come here also for asking help. Please, give me a solution! !

    How to download from zeetamizh.com??

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    Thank you for your share of this wonderful site. As for your problem, I have tried several online app, but none of them works. So I turn to software. Fortunately, I find one zeetamizh downloader at last. It is called Video Download Capture.

    Now I will give you a brief introduction of how to download videos from zeetamizh.com.

    1. Download and install the program in your computer.
    2. Launch it.
    3. Visit zeetamizh.com and click the video you want to download. Few seconds later, video will be
    played on a new page.

    Then this video can be detected and downloaded automatically. Oh, I forget to tell you, this software is remarkable for video detector compared to others which means any videos that are being played can be detected and downloaded by it. Therefore, downloading videos from zeetamizh.com is not difficult anymore.

    What’s more, if you want to download videos in batch, you can make full use of its another function, batch downloading mode. Just tap on “Add batch URLs” button, then copy your video’s link, and click the icon at lower-left-corner. But please remember, you should click the icon every time after you copy a link. In other word, how many videos you want to download equals to how many times to click that icon. Finally, tap on “Add to download”.

    Here I recommend another program for you to download from zeetamizh.com on Mac. That is Apowersoft Video Downloader for Mac.

    Method one

    Enter zeetamizh’s URL in build-in browser of this downloader, then tap on “Go”. Find the video to be downloaded and click it. Like Video Download Capture, this software can detect and download videos automatically.

    Method two

    When you visit zeetamizh, copy video’s link directly and then click “Paste” on the interface of “Downloader”.

    I have tried above solutions to download shows from zeetamizh successfully, so now you can use them to download your favorite videos.

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