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    How to download full length video from YouTube?

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    I feel disappointed after tried some YouTube video downloader. They announced that downloading YouTube videos are their specialties. But the downloaded videos are either commercial advertisements or incomplete clips. I need to download full length YouTube videos, without ads and decent definition. Give me a quick reply please.



    Use videograbber or Real Player, they will settle down your matter. :)


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    Yes, you can achieve the goal as Dreambird said. Surely, videograbber can download full-length videos from YouTube and plenty of sites freely. You can check the supported website list on our homepage. And you won’t download off the unwanted advertisement because videograbber only detect the real video URL. Even high definition video downloading is supported by videograbber.

    But perhaps you will face a little trouble when the downloaded video lasts for a rather long time. Because videograbber is embedded in web-browser, you cannot resume download task if it was interrupted incidentally. To avoid this unpleasant condition, you can seek help from pro version of videograbber.

    Using it to download online videos, you should launch the program first. Then, when you watch videos online, it will download full-length videos directly. It saves much effort for you can do batch download without manual operations. While downloading, you can stop and resume downloading after right-click the file name at ease.

    I really understand the bad mood of getting disgusting advertisement videos. Many video download programs download videos and advertisements at the same time. Making use of a small setting on videograbber pro, the ads can be filtered. Click Options, you will see Recording item on the lower part of the box. Adjust detecting video size and duration according to your need. Most advertisements are less than 2000 KB and shorten than 30 seconds. Set Exclude media file type, ad videos are always streamed by swf. And you can do more settings as you like.

    Now, try to download full-length videos from YouTube. Enjoy!



    Thanks! I tried videograbber, it gave me a good result and i’m ready to try the pro version now.



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