• How to download live streaming videos?


    How to download live streaming videos?

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    Recently, I get addicted to watch live videos on Justin.tv. I watched a guy played Minecraft game, his skills shocked me a lot. But I don’t know how to download that live streaming video? I tried some tools with no results. Perhaps I need a live video downloader? Can you recommend some? Thanks!

    How to download live streaming videos?

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    Live streaming videos cannot be downloaded with common video downloader. To be accurate, you should say record live streaming videos rather than download them. Generally, when you play the streaming video, the video downloader will detect the actual video url then download it off. But live video don’t have an exact url, and video downloader fail in downloading it. In this case, you can use videograbber pro.

    On the interface of virograbber pro, you can see Record Screen tab. Click it to activate the inlaid screen recorder. This function could record any videos which displayed on computer screen. Before recording live video, you’d better do some settings. Tick With audio option, or the output videos will be silent. Specify the Record region, four options are listed there, the ideal choice is Custom area.

    Drag the recording window to the satisfaction area and size, click OK. Begin to record live videos now. Hit Stop or hotkey F7 to end recording. All right, any live videos can be recorded in this way. Also, you can use screen recorder software like Screen Recording Suite or HyperCam to record live videos.

    Tips: As far as I know, there are a few of flash videos on live video sites. Both videograbber and videograbber can help you download them.

    Since you like to watch live videos, you can go other sites except of Justin.tv. Twitch.tv and UStream are two popular live streaming sites, you can watch video chats and performing videos on them. If you desire to watch live TV channels, ChannelChooser is a good place to visit. Sometimes, YouTube also presents excellent live programs, you shouldn’t miss them.

    How to download live streaming videos?


    Nice! I learn the method now. Just downloaded videograbber pro, it’s so useful!

    How to download live streaming videos?


    you can download live streaming with idm 2017

      • nanaba : how can you use idm 2017 to download live streaming videos?
      • 2017-03-28 20:48 Reply
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