• How to download video from Bloomberg?


    How to download video from Bloomberg?

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    How can I download a video from Bloomberg. I find a video attracted me a lot and I really want to download it, but I don’t know how to. I have tried videograbber, but it can’t work. Your help would be greatly appreciated. :?:

    How to download video from Bloomberg?

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    Hi Afred,

    Sorry for replying so late! Bloomberg TV is a good place for people to find out the videos they are interested in. It contains various contents, such as Live TV, video, shows and playlist. As for the plentiful content, it attracts many people to browse it. However, the videos from the Bloomberg have been protected for downloading, so the online tools are not available to it. If you want to download video from Bloomberg, I advise you use Video Grabber Pro.

    Video Grabber Pro is a professional software to download videos. The built-in Advanced Video Detector can help you to download videos which streamed by RTMP protocol.

    Here are the specific steps to download Bloomberg video :

    Step one: Download and Install the Video Grabber Pro
    Step two: Run it and Click Advanced Video Detector
    Step three: Copy and paste the link of the Bloomberg video into the download box, and then click GO.
    Step four: Wait the video plays and then the software will automatically detected it to download.

    How to download Bloomberg TV

    Besides that, if you want to save the Live TV from Bloomberg on your PC, the screen recording function of the software can also satisfy you. To begin with, select Record Screen tab. Then you can do some settings such as choosing input audio and record region by hitting options before recording. There are three choices for input audio and four choices for record region. I suggest you choose system sound as input audio and custom area as record region for recording. After that, click Start and set a region to record Bloomberg Live TV. Then click OK to begin recording video.

    After recording, if you want to watch it in your portable devices, you can make use of converting function. What you need is to click Convert tab and import the video you would like to convert. Then select the format you want to convert and set the output folder to save. Now you can click start and wait the conversion finished.

    In short, this is the most convenient and simple way I know on how to download Bloomberg video, what do think of it? If you have any other opinions, welcome to leave your message here.

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