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    How to download video from www.lynda.com

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    About Lynda
    Lynda.com is an organization which provides e-learning courses for various needs. Lynda is dedicated to the solutions of self-cultivation. The courses range from software operations to UI design, business skills, technical skills and more, letting users achieve their learning purposes in specialized subjects.

    How to download Lynda videos via videograber.net

    • 1. Play the Lynda video that you want to download.
    • 2. Copy the link of Lynda video (IMPORTANT).
    • IE (Internet Explorer): if you are using Internet Explorer, copy the video URL.

      Chrome: also, if you are using Google Chrome, copy the video URL as well.

    • 3. Go to videograbber.net, paste the link to the field under “Grab Online Video” tab (Default option when you visit the site), and then click “Grab it” button. After that, just wait a while for the application to detect and download your Lynda video from the web. You may repeat this step to get as many videos as you want.
    However, videoGrabber.net only works for free Lynda videos and cannot deal with paid videos under registered accounts. In such case, it’s recommended to switch to a software called Video Grabber Pro (Video Download Capture).

    How to download Lynda video using Video Grabber Pro?

    • 1. Install the program properly to your computer. Activate the program on your computer. Play your desired Lynda video on browser, copy the link of this clip, and then forward to the program’s interface. Now you can click “Add to Download” button to get the video.
    • 2. If your target is a paid video, you will be reminded with a login window before downloading (This window will turn off after 180 sec as default to ensure the other videos waiting in queue can be downloaded gradually). After verifying your account, the video will be added to download list automatically.
      Users are required to login once and do not need to repeat it again.
    • 3. You can see the downloading status of a video once it has been added to download list. Just wait a while and you will get any Lynda videos completely.


    This does not work. I am logged into lynda.com with a registered account.

    When I plug in the URL into the programme, it downloads the welcome video for the course. It never gets the current video I am on.


    Threads : 3
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    The Lynda videos which only available for registered users cannot be downloaded by online video tool. Instead, you should use Video Grabber Pro to record such videos completely by simply typing in the URL of desired video. In this way, both free and paid videos on Lynda can be added to your download queue automatically.



    I am hesitant to buy the pro version if the trial version doesn’t even work properly



    Hello, guest.

    You can download the pro version first, you can use it free for several days.
    Assuming that it works well, then you buy it. It’s all your choice.



    Save yourself urself the pain and install Internet Download manager. It gives the option to download the videos as soon as you play the video


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    This not working. When I click to download button, it returns to home screen on videograbber. When I click download with right-click it downloads a useless html file. And I have a monthly subscription on videograbber



    hello support.
    it actually download but i cant watch it. it downloaded as F4V file or TEMP file.


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    hello mascot,

    It’s possible that your media player doesn’t support the F4V file, so maybe you need to download another one like VLC. As for the TEMP file, it’s not really readable file.It means the video hasn’t been downloaded successfully. In addition, some videos on this website have been protected, so you can’t download it by online video tools. Please try Video Grabber Pro.

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