• How to download video to Blackberry Playbook?


    How to download video to Blackberry Playbook?

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    My friend gave me a Blackberry Playbook as a birthday gift. I don’t know how to use it clear and wondering if I can download video for Blackberry Playbook. 8-)

    How to download video to Blackberry Playbook?

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    Wow, you have got a fashion gadget, the tablet computer which released by BlackBerry is so brilliant. Blackberry Playbook used the excellent screen, so it performs well in video playing. While, question arises when you want to download video to Blackberry Playbook. This process can be separated into two parts, you should download videos with a Blackberry Playbook downloader firstly. And convert videos to suitable formats.

    The first part is quite easy, you can use videograbber to download online videos free. The biggest advantage of online downloading service is—it will grab videos successfully no matter what operating system and device you are using. Copy the video url and input it into download box, after you click Grab it button, the download link will be generated. Right click it to save the video to Playbook. Select any video converter like Format factory, Zamzar to convert the video for you. You can enjoy the video after conversion.

    I believe you have found that in order to download videos for Blackberry Playbook, you have to use two tools. If you want to save time and effort, try videograbber pro. This tool combines video downloader and converter in one, I personally regard it as the most effectively way of downloading videos for Playbook.

    When you launch the tool after installation, you will see the user-friendly interface. Actually, it can download online videos in three ways. Auto-detect real video url while video playing and download it off. Download rtmp videos with Advanced Video Recorder and built-in browser. Record live streams with video recording function. The operations are simple, you can do these jobs by following the reminders. After downloading, add the videos into video converter. Select output format as H.264, MPEG or WMV which Blackberry Playbook supported. Done! All the things are ready, downloading videos for Blackberry Playbook is not a knot anymore.

    How to download video to Blackberry Playbook?



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