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    how to download videos from keek?

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    My friend uploaded her video to keek.com. I want to save them on my computer so that I can watch it at any time. Is there some way to do this?



    Of course there is. You can try Streaming Video Recorder, it’s a useful software to download videos and convert formats.

    The operation is quite easy, you just play your friend’s video under the condition that you run the program first. When the video is loading, the program will automatically capture the video URL and download it. You can play the video during the download process. When the download is completed, you can convert video format to fit your device. It also can be used to download from other video-sharing sites, like youtube, metacafe, blip, vimeo and more.

    Here is a demo about how to download keek videos, you can have a look.



    You can try to use “torch browser”, it’s a browser that has a built-in video grabber feature, and it looks just like chrome. I’m using it all the time… Also for keek. :)



    I took your advice, it’s really a good helper to download videos from keek. Very easy. Thank you!



    Since I have this program, I can download any videos I like, even hulu videos. But one question is that this program often downloads some ads when it’s downloading the real video I want. How can I get rid of these troublesome ads?


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    The reason for downloading some ads is that the program can also detect the ads URL. Considering this situation, the program has some settings that you need to make to avoid these annoying ads.

    Follow my steps to do the settings, first is choosing Options. An options window pops up, you choose the tab General, go Recording icon and type a number in Force detection above size so that the program will automatically detect the video URL that its size is more than your typed size.

    Go to the option of Download media file greater than duration is only for RTMP, that is, if you need Advanced Video Recorder to download RTMP videos like hulu, you can skip the ads as long as you set the time of the ads.

    Go to the option of Exclude media file type, type the format of the ads. In general, the ads video ends with swf extension, but there are some exceptions, therefore you are allowed to type several formats separated by comma.

    Through these settings, you’ll download your videos without any ads. Just do it now!




    see this video

    easiest way without program


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    Thanks for sharing,yeah, this gonna be the bet way to download keek on iPhone. :shock:

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