• How to download videos from slide.ly


    How to download videos from slide.ly

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    Slide.ly is an amazing website that could bring your photos into life. You could create beautiful videos with your photos from Facebook, Instagram, or your photos saved on your computer. By meeting slide.ly, it is possible to add the favorable music or proper captions to your photos. With this website by your side, it would be a rare case for you to leave your photos lonely at a forgotten folder in future. Instead, you could post your videos made from photos in Slide.ly website to share with your friends the strikingly beautiful moments in your life. Other users will constantly drop by your videos and leave their comments below. At the same time, you might as well skim through others’ finely made videos to explore the beauty around you.

    Yesterday, when I browse this website, I happened to find a video on natural beauty made by a friend. To be frank, I never had found such gorgeous scenery ever in my life, so is the beautiful background music. It springs to mind that if only I could save the beautiful scenery on my computer. So I habitually launch the downloader which I often used to grab videos from YouTube, but no luck, it didn’t work. I wonder if anyone has a way to download videos from Slide.ly.

    How to download videos from slide.ly


    I think that it would be impossible to download videos from this website. Though videos they are called, but there are not real videos actually. I have tried lots of downloading application, none of which could download slide.ly video. But one thing I would like to share with you is that you could download the background music with Video Download Capture. When you play the photo videos in slide.ly, the above mentioned application could detect the music and include it in its downloading list. Moreover, it could grab the lyrics and displays it in a kind of video format. So once I come across some soothing music in this website, I would use this application to strip the music from the video. As to slide.ly video downloader, I think I was caught in as a helpless situation as you.

    How to download videos from slide.ly

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    Hi, my friends

    After several trials, it seems that there is no downloader in our website could do as you like, save only one application – Free Screen Recorder. You could grab the videos by recording screen. It is a surefire solution when you have no ways to download videos from slide.ly, also from other websites where the videos could not be easily downloaded. Here are the steps to finish your job.

    Step one: Install Free Screen Recorder from the website I gave you.

    Step two: Launch this application and click on Record at the top left corner, and select Region to custom your recording area. Then click on Start.

    If the videos are of great length that could cost you a long time to record it. It is possible not to sit in front of your computer by Creating schedule task.

    Follow the steps below.

    First, hit on Tools, and choose Create Schedule Tasks in the pull – down menu.

    Second, create your task as you wish.

    Then you could leisurely do other things while you are waiting for your job to be done. Isn’t it super easy?

    How to download videos from slide.ly


    Jessy Mar Labrador’s Slidely

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