• How to grab videos from Hulu?

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    How to grab videos from Hulu?

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    I have tried many software,none of them work, looks like hulu video is different from YouTube, Vimeo etc. :cry:
    Any idea to help me grab hulu videos, i also tried videograbber.net.

    How to grab videos from Hulu?

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    To make it clearer, I’d like to supply some content here.

    As henryguypc8 mentioned, videograbber pro is able to grab Hulu videos. The concrete steps are as follows.

    1.Play a Hulu video and run the program.
    2.Click Advanced Video Recorder, it is designed for downloading rtmp videos specially.
    3.Copy the video URL and bring it to address bar of the pop-up browser. Then, the video will be auto-downloaded.

    Here’s a small video tutorial, you can refer to it.

    If the video can’t be grabbed, click Clear IE Cache in built-in browser and refresh the webpage. Advanced recorder is able to grab Hulu video 100% successfully.

    How to grab videos from Hulu?

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    You can’t download hulu videos with most video downloader, I have tried that, online app also doesn’t work, because hulu use RTMP streaming video.
    You can only record these video from hulu with software like Video Download Capture.  

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