• How to merge AVI files


    How to merge AVI files

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    I find some random clips of a favorite movie released on internet. And I want to combine the clips in order to enjoy the movie smoothly. Most of the formats are AVI and can I merge AVI files together? Can anybody help me?

    How to merge AVI files

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    Hi Eve, yeah, there are many simple knacks you can employ to combine the videos. The following will give you several solutions in details.

    Windows live movie maker

    This is a video editor, which supports to import and edit slide shows and videos. You can use it to merge AVI files and then extract a larger file for non-stop viewing. Moreover, you are allowed to customize the video by employing various kinds of other functions, such as add music, apply animations, adjust visual effects, split or trim slides and others. You can use it to combine AVI files as well as to merge different trailers or latest movie clips with intention to generate more fun. The process is simple also that you need to install the program first to PC and then open it. Click “Add videos and photos” and then choose videos from your computer. After this step, click the home button and choose “Save movie” to download it in a target folder.

    Tips: Take care that this program only supports to merge clips under the same format and same resolution. You should filter the video type before combination or the video quality would be lost.

    Free AVI MPEG WMV MP4 FLV Video Joiner

    This application is not only an AVI merger that it also allows you to merge videos of different formats into a larger one. You can add as many videos as you want and rearrange the order. The process is simple too that you can have a review.

    • Open the software first.
    • Click “Add video” to choose the video you want to merge.
    • Click “Next” and then select output folder and format.
    • Click “Join Now” and then it starts to merge.

    Tips: This is a free program that you can take into account. However, many advertising programs are bound with this software that you have no choice but to install them together. After install the tool, you should uninstall the useless programs or it would lag your computer’s running speed.

    Video Download Capture

    It is an advanced merger which dedicates to solving users’ various kinds of needs, like downloading, converting and recording. When you are in need of other functions, this is a good solution. Now, let’s have a look how to combine AVI files into one by making use of this tool. But before that, you should download and install it first to your computer.

    After installation, then you should launch the program and turn to the “Convert” tab. The function of merging is a sub branch under “Convert” tab. The blank interface instructs how to convert and you can have a review if needed. Then you can click “Add” to add as many videos as you need. You can customize each separate video by adding or removing either audio or subtitle by clicking the bottom text in blue color. If you add a random video by mistake, you can delete it by clicking “Remove” button. After personalize the video, just tick the option of “Merge videos into one file” and then click “Start”. Then it starts to merge AVI video.

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