• How to record flash videos


    How to record flash videos

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    I like to record flash videos for my video blog, but recently I have tried many different ways to save some flash videos online with no success. I want to know is there a good way to record them? Thanks in advance

    How to record flash videos

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    Many people have frequently asked that how to record flash videos, and I think you’ll find your answer after reading this article.

    As we all know, flash video becomes more and more predominant among many famous online websites like YouTube, Google Video, Hulu, Dailymotion, VEVO, Metacafe and Reuters.com. Meanwhile, there are many softwares to save streaming flash videos. Some of them aim at recording existing streaming flash videos, while some are capable of capturing flash videos of RTMP protocol. And the others support to record digitally-encrypted videos that refuse the download command.

    As for Streaming Video Recorder, it is a powerful software that can be used to record any kind of flash video automatically. So you can choose this app for your flash video recording.

    Make sure you have installed this app and then launch it to record. You may record streaming flash videos in three cases.

    Case 1
    Majority of flash videos are streamed through HTTP, RTSP, MMS and RTMP protocol. Streaming flash videos of the HTTP protocol that can be recorded easily by this app. As soon as this kind of streaming flash videos start, Streaming Video Recorder will intuitively detect them to record.

    What makes it remarkable is that this app allows you to download in batches. Thus you can record as many as you like once. Moreover, you can play the videos while it’s recording.

    Case 2
    When you meet with streaming flash videos of the RTMP or RTMPE protocol that can hardly be detected, you should select Advanced Video Recorder (Support RTMP), and then it will pop up a box with quick start guide. You just need to copy the videos URL to the download box and press Enter or click Go, it will detect to record videos automatically.

    Case 3
    Most people are puzzled over flash videos that are digitally encrypted like DRM. They can’t record them although they have tried many different methods. Streaming Video Recorder becomes your magic key. Just press Record Screen tab on the interface, then tap Start to customize your recording area, it will begin to record instantly.

    In addition, you can convert videos to many different formats after recording. Did it clear of your questions? If you have any questions to record flash videos, please feel free to ask me immediately.

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