• How to record RTMP videos


    How to record RTMP videos

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    Recently, I have been watching episodes online, and tried to record them for watching in my convenient time. What’s a pity that I failed. After surfing the internet, I knew the reason was that episodes were encrypted through RTMP protocol. Is there a method to solve this problem?

    How to record RTMP videos

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    RTMP refers to Real Time Messaging Protocol, which is a video streaming proprietary protocol used by some websites like Hulu, ABC, Netflix, CBS,Justin.tv, MyTV and so on. While RTMP, as one of the protected streams, is harder to record by regular video sniffing programs.

    For most people, in order to watch higher-quality videos, they generally surf those websites protected by RTMP to watch TV shows, movies or webisodes. Sometimes, they are more willing to watch videos offline in a convenient time or on their portable device. Here comes the problem that they can’t record RTMP videos successfully.

    Streaming Video Recorder, which is a powerful video recording tool that enables you to capture any streaming videos, can help you to save RTMP video/audio streams easily. Download Now

    Actually, there’re two methods to achieve this goal by this app.

    The embedded Advanced Video Recorder is mainly designed to capture streaming videos through RTMP protocol.

    1.Open your RTMP video website and start the app
    2.Click Advanced Video Recorder on the interface
    3.Copy your video URL to the pop-up browser and press Go or Enter key

    The built-in sniffer will automatically record RTMP stream as soon as it nimbly detects the video that is being played.

    Here is a short demo video to show you how to record RTMP videos:

    If you want to record in batches, just open all of them. Please take it easy to wait. This app will add all of them one by one into the download list and then save RTMP videos orderly. Moreover, you can open and watch the video with built-in media player while recording as you like.

    Make sure you have opened your websites containing RTMP videos and launched Streaming Video Recorder.

    1.Select Record Screen on the interface
    2.Press Start to customize your recording region
    3.After you tap OK, it begins recording

    This method supports to record any streaming videos through any protocols.

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