• How to save facebook videos to android?


    How to save facebook videos to android?

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    My best friend shared her video on the facebook several days ago, I want to save it to my android. But I don’t know how? Please give me a detailed answer as far as possible, I appreciate you.

    How to save facebook videos to android?

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    You can achieve this by regarding downloading the video on your computer as the first step. And converting it to the compatible format for android is the second step.

    Now, the way to save videos from facebook seems much easier. You can accomplish these steps via a program, Video Grabber Pro, for the reason that downloading and converting the video combine all in one.

    It’s easy to use, too. You start the program before you play the video on your facebook. It can auto-detect the video URL and add it to the download taskbar. Apart from facebook, it provides other video-sharing sites download, such as youtube, dailymotion, vimeo, metacafe and so on.

    Afterwards, converting the video format for android is the special format supported by this program. Once the video conversion is completed, you put it into your android. In addition, you can convert the video format for your iphone, ipod, psp etc as it supports various formats.

    Especially, it allows you download and convert in batch mode. It saves you a lot of time and improves efficiency. And it has a built-in player so that you play the video while it’s downloading or converting.

    Above is my process to save facebook videos from android, experience it yourself.

    How to save facebook videos to android?


    I’m here just to say thank you, it works for me.

      • Tommy :
      • 2014-09-04 23:02 Reply
    How to save facebook videos to android?


    But some videos on facebook are encoded, it is possible to download them off?

    How to save facebook videos to android?

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    Dallas, if you cannot save facebook videos with the above introduced method. Try the alternative way here.

    Indeed, some videos on facebook are encoded. I guess the video producer hope to protect the privacy by this way. So, if you download this kind of videos, I suggest you only watch them by yourself and don’t upload them again. All right, let’s come to the point. To download this video, you need to use screen record function of videograbber pro.

    Go to facebook and find a video to play. Click Record Screen and set Record region as Custom area. The record window will show up, drag its edge to regulate the window’s size at will. Click OK and then recording starts. Press F10 to pause and F7 to stop recording. In this way, you can record any videos which played on your PC screen including live streaming videos.

    After recoding videos, you can convert them and save facebook videos to your Android phone.

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