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    How to use the search feature on videograbber

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    My friend recommended this site for me days ago. For the simple download way, I used it quite often these days. Today, I find videograbber attaches the search video function. I’m curious about how to use it, can someone kindly make an introduction to me?



    Hey, guy. Click search video button and type the video keywords. So easy!


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    Firstly, thanks for using our site. I’m very glad that videograbber have given convenience to you. Here I will guide you the way to utilize videograbber’s search video function specifically.

    Look at the four tabs under the video download column. Click on “search video” tab and access to video searching page. We are working hard to extend the list of searchable site, but now users only allows to search videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Blip tv, Metacafe and Dailymotion. We set the YouTube as the default site for video searching, you can switch to other supported sites. After setting, input the keyword or title of your wanted video in the search bar. Hitting “search” button, the related videos will roll out to you. Click on the video thumbnail, the video will begin to play.

    One thing you should be pay attention is the download icon under the video playing window, the site can discovery the url of video, hit the button, then you can grab video with ease. If you want to watch the video on original site, just hit the video’s tile. Then the video will be playing in a new tab. Moreover, videograbber also search relevance videos, they are showing on the right side column when watching videos. As the same way, you can view and download them on videograbber.

    We add search video function to our site for users can find, watch and grab online videos easier. If you have any suggestion to improve videograbber, don’t hesitate to contact us.



    Thank you, Olivia. Your explanation is very clear! The search function on videograbber is quite functional.

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