• How to watch and download video on Kshownow?


    How to watch and download video on Kshownow?

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    Could anyone tell me where I could watch and download videos on Kshownow. This website says HD videos can be downloaded on their forums. I signed up at their forum but still could not figure out what to do. Anyone could help me?

    How to watch and download video on Kshownow?


    I know this website. There are lots of Korean shows subtitled by the Kshownow team. However, it is a quite different website from others; you could not watch and download videos from Kshownow directly. Follow the steps below.

    First, enter kshownow.net, find the stage photo of running man posted there and click on it.

    Second, when you went in another page, scroll the window until you find Streaming. And there will be Dailymotion, Mp4upload, Videoweed aligned under it. Click the text link – Part 1, Part 2 and such.

    Third, after you choose one of the three video-viewing website, take Dailymotion for example, and then you will enter an Adfly wegpage. Hit on Skip Ad button at top right corner. Then you could watch kshownow videos on Dailymotion.

    One thing puzzles me a lot is that I have tried lots of downloading application, but none could download kshownow videos.

    How to watch and download video on Kshownow?

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    The videos on Dailymotion, Mp4upload, Videoweed could not be easily downloaded by a normal downloading application.

    You could try Video Download Capture. http://video-download-capture.en.softonic.com/
    It is a more advanced software that could download videos from almost every website.

    Run Video Download Capture, play your wanted video, and the software could detect the video you are playing and download it automatically. If not, you could copy and paste the video URL at the destination area. Then there will be a window popping up at the lower right corner signifying it has recognized the video URL and is downloading the video.

    How to watch and download video on Kshownow?


    As to the question Julia has asked, I have some other sources where you could watch and download Kshownow subtitled videos. You could search it on YouTube and Facebook.

    In comparison, YouTube is the most desirable site for you to watch Running man due to the complete episode offered, while Facebook needs your register for your access.

    When it comes to how to download videos from YouTube, I think it would not be hard to find an available application. When you are afraid of the embedded virus of a certain software, I suggest you find an online application, Video Grabber, for example. No installation, no add-ons, it is save to use. Here are the steps.

    Step one: Find your wanted Running Man episode on YouTube and copy its URL.

    Step two: Enter Video Grabber website and paste the URL in the URL bar, then click on Grab.

    Step three: Run Java Applet and wait the episode to be downloaded. It could be finished in a couple of seconds.

    How to watch and download video on Kshownow?



    How to watch and download video on Kshownow?

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    I think Tubemate application of Devian Studio will do that. You can view detailed information at DevianStudio.net

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