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    How to watch and download videos from Stagevu?

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    I think many of you have visited this site. Too many movies and high definition videos are gathered there. But I met a problem, I was unable to watch videos on stagevu anymore. And, I failed to download stagevu video. When I click on download button, there’s no respond. Why? Can you watch videos on this site?


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    Stagevu is a place to watch movies and HD TV shows. In order to watch videos on stagevu.com fluently, you should install the DivX web player first. The player enables you watch videos in high definition and resolution mode. Without it, the video won’t load for you. And when you click Download button, a new webpage will show up to report the 404 error. If you have already installed DivX player, just update it to the latest version. Perhaps, you will see a red bar which says that the DivX web player is not installed. No worries, try these solutions.

    1. Restart your browser and refresh the video page.
    2. Clear the browser’s cache completely.
    3. Right-click the player, hit preference tab, and choose clear cache option.

    After that, I believe you can watch stagevu videos. Also, you are allowed to download videos from stagevu directly.

    The output format of stagevu videos is AVI. It is not the standard file type for most portable devices. For watching stagevu videos and movies with your player or mobile, you can convert them to suitable format like MP4 and MOV. It is easy and free for you to process video conversion with video grabber.



    u can still watch movies at stagevu the old way but different style. instead of right clicking for the download in HD, go just beneath the video and u will c a lil message about click here for download avi . click that and ur download should start. But for me, 4 some apparent reason it’s going to my windows media player. I can still view the download but I want it on the divx web player. if u or anyone could help me with this, ur help would be greatly appreciated.



    Right click on the avi file link below the video and then click on ‘save target as’ and save to your chosen folder. The whole film will download then as normal.


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    you will no longer be able to download videos from stagevu, because it is permanently down/closed. So no more stagevu and no more videos from this site. But you can try other similar sites or apps for movies and tv shows like showbox, terrarium tv or there are many other else too. 

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