• I cannot download any video


    I cannot download any video

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    When I paste my url from youtube and click Grab it, nothing happens. Kindly assist.

    I cannot download any video

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    Hello Hephzie,
    I have learnt your question. Have you installed the Java program on your system? If you have, you need to enable it to run when you download the video. If not, you need to install it.

    For more information, you can check the post below.

    I cannot download any video


    I’ve just bought today online subscription on monhly basis for $4.99 a month.
    Here are my reviews.

    I mostly videograbber.net using for education purposes.I wanted to download lynda.com courses but desperatly I couldn’t.

    Online version works fine.I think buying desktop version is ok but for now I am going to express my experience with online paid version,monthly subscription.

    1.I am using Firefox portable version to download.I’ve been using normal install of Firefox I could not get it.With portable version I’ve just installed Jave runtime and it works like a charm.I do not know why that is happening.I am not software engineer but only portable version of Firefox works 100% with Videograbber.net.I am using Firefox version 19 which a bit outdated but for my purpose it serves me very fast.

    2.The reason I want to use Firefox is unlimited similtanuous downloads.Google chrome allows only 6 connections per domain,Firefox allows unlimited.

    3.I’ve installed”Flashgot add on” for Firefox.Why I did?Many time links are broken,so I had to manually reconnect which is wasting time.With “Flashgot add on” for Firefox browser and portable version of Firefox everything works smoothly,Flashgot extenson reconnect automaticlity and download speed is much improved.

    Final conclusion.
    Videograbber is worth every single cent.I am talking about downloading educational videos.I can not judge or to emphanize other online resources like youtube since I do use videograbber just for Lynda.com courses.

    When you download videos always choos”WMV” format cause it is best quality enabling you to have clear videos on Full HD monitors.Other formats like MOV,MP4 and similiar are far lower quality.


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