• I love myplay.com, share it with you


    I love myplay.com, share it with you

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    Hello, everyone! I find lots of useful information in this forum. Today, I’d like to share my beloved site to you. It is MyPlay! On this site, you can view free music videos. And, it is simple to get the video code and embed it on your blog or website. All in all, MyPlay really gives a good approach to enjoy music. Great!

    I love myplay.com, share it with you


    MyPlay is wonderful. But I’m curious about how to download MyPlay music video. Although I can freely embed the video on my Facebook and Twitter, still I want to download and view them offline.

    I love myplay.com, share it with you

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    Myplay.com is powered by Sony music entertainment. On the website, you can listen to the music, watch music videos and shows which performed by SonyBMG’s artists. To download video from myplay.com, you can have the aid of a professional video downloader. Since Myplay videos are encrypted by RTMP protocol, a workable RTMP download tool is what you need. After searching in Google, I found Video Download Capture is a reliable choice.

    After launching the software, you can see two options on the interface. Remember to enable Advanced Video Detector. And then, you will have the ability to download RTMP Myplay music videos. Open any video on Myplay, and bring the webpage link address to advanced downloader. Press Enter key to load the video instantly. In a moment, Video Download Capture will start the video download task. Look at the download list, you can check the progress of video download. Also, you are allowed to reach more features by right-clicking on file name or hitting Options button. Several minutes later, you can play the downloaded video with media player.

    See? It is not hard to download Myplay video. However, since the video files are in FLV format, you may meet trouble when importing videos to iPhone, iPad, Android phone or other gadgets. FLV cannot be recognized by most digital players, so you’d better to convert it to a more compatible file type-MP4. Take it easy, you can do it within a few clicks. Click Convert tab on the software, add videos to it. Customize the output folder, choose the target format as MP4. If necessary, you can hit Settings to adjust the video frame size, bitrate, frame rate and etc. Okay, begin to video conversion right now. Later on, you can send Myplay music videos to your portable device for offline playback.

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