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    I need a safe and reliable video downloader program.

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    When I use some video downloader, commercial advertisements always disturbing video downloads. Moreover, they forced me to install plugins sometimes. I can’t bear these troubles anymore. Any recommendation for a safe video downloader?


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    I agree with you, majority of video downloaders don’t allow users to download online videos unless you install the plugins which they recommended. The worst thing is, you will download harmful virus when downloading plugins. Then, your PC will be very slow or even stop working. In order to avoid such terrible case, you can try these programs.

    1. Videograbber. Since you submitted a post in our forum, I believe you have already known this site. Although there are hundreds of sites which provide online video download service, videograbber still has strong competitiveness. Firstly, it is totally free. Secondly, it is clean. No commercial ads are displayed on the homepage. Thirdly, it doesn’t require you to install external plugins or addons. When you download an online video, just input the url to download box and grab it. Last but not the least, videograbber can download videos from well-known and less-known video-sharing sites.

    2. Video Download Capture. It is a desktop application, so you should download it before grabbing videos. Don’t worry, you won’t download any virus while installing the app on your PC. On the app interface, no ads will pop-up either. Video Download Capture is not only a safe video downloader, it is also very functional. With it, you are able to download videos in three ways: by entering video url, by advanced recorder and by screen recorder. To sum up, it is an all-in-one program, you can use it to convert and edit online videos at will.

    3. Firefox extension.Video DownloadHelper is the most famous one among all the browser extensions undoubtedly. It is a small video downloader which embeds in your Firefox. When it detects video stream which is available to download, you can choose Download option. This extension is practical, it is light-weight and clean. You can use it comfortable because Firefox tested it, the company won’t provide this extension to users if it is unsafe. The drawback is— it supports limited sites downloading.



    when i downloaded the software i suddenly stopped hearing sounds from google chrome i do not know what happed and i am currently using windows 8


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    I had this problem and spent more than a few hours trying to fix it. Here’s what I worked.

    1. Uninstalled Flash using the uninstaller from adobe
    2. Uninstall Google Chrome.
    3. Reboot
    4. Reinstall Chrome
    5. Visit YouTube and begin playing a video
    6. Install Flash Player from my given link
    7. Install and navigate to YouTube again
    8. It has sound now

    The answer was quoted from this support link

    Just go ahead and test this method yourself.


    Rick White

    Lost my other one. give this a try


    Rick White

    what else am I supposed to write in this space? now what?

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