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    I wanna convert powerpoint to MP4. What and how to do?

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    Hello, I am just here for asking a question, how can I save powerpoint as mp4? I know video grabber pro has video converting function, but whether it can directly convert powerpoint to a video? I wanna play those slides on my new iPad. Thank you very much in advance.





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    That sounds great to watch powerpoint slides on iPad. First I want to check about your Microsoft Powerpoint version. Normally, if you use Powerpoint 2010, you just need to click File and select Save as, when the window pop up, choose .wmv as your output video type. Then video grabber pro will serve your needs.

    Since you convert powerpoint to a video, the next to do is how to convert wmv to mp4. Take steps as follows:
    1. Hit on Convert, then add video for conversion
    2. Tab Profile and specify mp4 as your output format

    3. Click Start to press conversion
    4. Transfer video to your new iPad. Done

    The above method is apt for powerpoint 2010, but if you use powerpoint 2007 or an older version, you cannot choose to save wmv as output type by powerpoint itself. At this time, I suggest you record powerpoint as video. In this way, screen recording suite is recommended for use. More details you can refer to: http://www.screenrecord.net/create-video-from-powerpoint.html

    After recording, please remember the default output format is wmv. The process to convert wmv into mp4 will be the same as you do it above.



    Actually, this powerpoint to video converter can convert your PowerPoint file to MP4 video directly.
    It supports almost PowerPoint versions from 2000 to 2010 and the free Powerpoint Viewers 2007/2010. AFAIK, it the only convert in the market that supports 64bit powerpoint.


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    There are many ways that you can do to convert PowerPoint to MP4.
    1. You can use a tool to record your whole PowerPoint presentation. And convert it to the video format you like.
    2. Or you can use make screenshot out of your PowerPoint and then use a DVD creator to make a slideshow.
    I prefer method 1 personally.

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