• I want to download TED talks, plz help


    I want to download TED talks, plz help

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    Can you download Ted videos with subtitle? I need the easiest method, please provide me some suggestions. :roll:

    I want to download TED talks, plz help

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    Ted.com is the best site to watch speeches and lectures of famous people. Generally, we call these videos as TED talks. They cover all kinds of topics which including economic, environment, health, education and more aspects. Many apps claim that they can download Ted videos, but the result may disappoint you. Why? The downloaded videos don’t have subtitles. And if you need subtitled Ted videos, a feasible solution is to use Video Download Capture.

    1. Install the program and activate it on desktop.
    2. The new users should do some settings before downloading videos. You can click Options button, set the destination folder for downloaded videos. Or, change the program interface according to your need.
    3. Then, open two or more Ted talks. Video Download Capture supports batch video downloads, it will capture videos instantly.

    That’s done. After you download Ted talks, open the folder to play it. You will find the output videos are fully subtitled. The best thing is, they are all MP4 video files which highly compatible with your portable devices. In this way, you can transfer the videos to your mobile or player, and enjoy them on the go.

    Except from Video Download Capture, you also can give Ted downloader a try. It is a lightweight software, but quite powerful. The interface is simple, you can click Update button to load all Ted talks. Alternatively, use the search bar to find your interested videos. Then, tick your wanted videos and download them in bulk. Truly, it is a time-saving way to manager Ted talks. But the demerit is, you can’t pause and resume download task during the video downloading process.

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